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Therapeutic Laser Therapy


Therapeutic Laser Therapy - "Pain Removed - Life Improved"


Paw Icon Acute and Chronic Ear Infections

Paw Icon Gingivitis

Paw Icon Arthritis

Paw Icon Degenerative Joint Disease

Paw Icon Hip Dysplasia

Paw Icon Anal Gland problems

Paw Icon Degenerative Disc Disease

Paw Icon Lick Granulomas

Paw Icon Tendinitis

Paw Icon Bursitis

Paw Icon Iliopsoas-inner hip muscles

Paw Icon Acute and Chronic Pain

Paw Icon Fibrotic Myopathy

Paw Icon Sinusitis/Rhinitis - inflammation of nasal passages or sinus

Paw Icon Stomatits - inflammation of mucous lining in mouth, cheek or gums

Paw Icon Cystitis - urinary bladder inflammation

Paw Icon Exotics (birds, reptiles, rabbits)

Paw Icon Horses and other large animals. 

The Therapeutic Laser is the latest technology for the health of your pet.  Deep penetrating light allows relief of pain through release of endorphins and stimulates injured cells to heal faster.  Simply put, it provides relief. The Therapeutic Laser:

Paw Icon Allows your pet to heal faster after surgery or any traumatic injury.

Paw Icon Eases pain and improves mobility without the use of drugs or surgery.

Paw Icon Helps provide your geriatric pet relief of aches and pains and allows for more freedom and improved quality of life.

Paw Icon Helps provide pain relief and increases healing in common disorders such as lick granulomas and chronic ear infections.

Paw Icon Provides a sterile, pain-free, surgery-free, drug-free treatment for a variety of injuries, wounds, fractures, neurological problems and pain.

There is no patient sedation or restraint required for Laser Therapy and the experience is often pleasant and comforting.  The treatment usually only takes a few minutes to complete during a regular office visit. Most pets do not need to have their hair clipped unless it is very long or dense.

Although improvement is often seen after the first visit, most patients require several treatments (3-8) for greatest benefit.  For most conditions, we recommend a multi-visit treatment plan.  Treatments vary in length, but most sites require from 2- to 8-minutes.  A majority of patients exhibit greater comfort and mobility within 12- to 24-hours after a laser treatment.

Class IV Laser Therapy treatments are cumulative in nature.  The length and frequency of treatments varies with your pet's condition.  A sample treatment schedule may be as follows:

Paw Icon Every other day for one week ( 3-total )

Paw Icon Twice the second week ( 2-total )

Paw Icon Once the third week ( 1-total )

Paw Icon Boosters as needed - the Dr. Joe will recommend a treatment plan specific to your pet's condition.


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