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I assume complete responsibility for all charges incurred with the care of the animal(s).  I also understand that these charges will be paid at the time of completing my visit, and that a prepayment may be required for the hospitalization, treatment, or transport of a patient.  For all unpaid accounts, there will be a monthly finance charge of $6.00 or 10% interest rate.  For all returned checks, there will be a $40 processing fee in addition to the amount due on the account.  If accounts lapse for a period of 90 days, you will be subject to legal action.

Please take notice that there will be a $25 no show fee for any and all missed in hospital appointments.  For any missed surgery appointment, the fee is $100.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express, Scratch Pay, and CareCredit (ask about terms and conditions).

Thank you for your cooperation in letting us assist you.


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