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Kaitlynn Levine, DVM

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Dr. Kaitlynn Levine Dr. Kaitlynn Levine grew up in the middle of nowhere Maine, with a love of science and animals. Surprisingly, these two didn’t combine into their logical conclusion until she was a sophomore at Middlebury College. After seeing the impact of veterinary medicine on the lives of animals and people alike in rural Honduras, she realized her calling and has never looked back. 

After graduating from Tufts Veterinary School with a broad mixed practice education, Dr. Kate moved to Ontario, Canada where she has been practicing since the summer of 2016. Deepening her skills in comprehensive medicine, she was the go-to for all unconventional farm animals and clients. The world of veterinary medicine is wide and varied, and Dr. Kate wants to experience it all. She is ready to join the team here in New York and is excited to call this place home.