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Sid Gustafson, DVM

Dr. Chad Andrews, Veterinary Surgeon - Catskill Veterinary Services, PLLC

Dr. Sid Gustafson is a graduate of Washington State University with a diverse background in mixed animal practice including equine behavior and welfare.    Dr. Sid recently owner a veterinary hospital in Montana for nearly 35 years before moving to New York.    

Dr. Sid is a strong animal welfare advocate and has an interest in the human-animal bond, animal behavior, and animal nutrition.  

Sid Gustafson writes literary fiction and poetry. He practices veterinary medicine in Montana and New York.

Sidney nurtures harmonious relationships between humans and animals in his lyrical stories and poems. He writes for the New York Times supporting racehorse welfare. His efforts resulted in the elimination of permitted raceday drugs in American horseracing with a subsequent reduction in catastrophic injuries. His current animal activism revolves around abolishing the untoward practice of declawing cats by unethical veterinarians while putting an end to the hot-iron branding of baby calves by abusive cattle ranchers.