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Digital Radiographs and CT Imaging 


Our doctors are able to obtain x-rays while on your farm or in your home. Catskill Veterinary Services is happy to provide true digital radiographs which produces an image on a computer screen within five seconds. Our high quality radiographs can be emailed to owners/trainers as well as sent to a specialist for further evaluation. We can obtain these images stall side.

Ask us about our pre-purchase radiography package!



Computed Tomography (CT) Imaging


We can perform high definition volumetric imaging (HDVMI) at our Rock Hill, NY location. This type of technology allows our medical team to detect even the most subtle abnormalities that may have been unappreciated with traditional radiology technology. 


General Anesthesia is required for the scan 

Since the patient must be completely still for the scan, he or she will be placed under general anesthesia. You will drop your pet off in the morning between 8:30 am-9:00 am. Your pet will need to be fasted, meaning no food after 9 pm the night before. Water is allowed until you leave your home. While the scan itself may take less than a minute, the preparation and process of anesthesia, positioning the patient, verifying that the scans are complete, and waking the patient up take much longer. Thus, your pet will be sent home that afternoon and will be a little sleepy from the anesthesia for the evening, sometimes until the following day.



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